About Fibrosidus™

Fibrosidus™ evolved from our desire to provide the purest natural SAMe available while eliminating the Chemicals, plastic co-polymers and insect extracts common in other SAMe products.

Transforming SAMe from good to Great!

We at extreme V, Inc are working hard for you. We want to make sure your body gets exactly what it needs to be replenished, feel renewed and become revitalized, despite the stressful challenges you have in your life.

You, our customer, is our prime focus. In this world of environmental pollutions, lower nutritive value in our foods, and increasingly high stress levels, it is of vital importance that your body is supported in the purest, most natural ways possible.

We do everything we can, for you

As a consumer, you want to know that the products you are purchasing to support your health are safe, rigorously tested, and researched. Earning your trust and confidence are the motivating factors that drive us, at extreme V.

Our goal is to be worthy of your trust.

Our endeavor is to distinguish ourselves from others in the nutraceutical industry. We do it with third-party laboratory testing of each and every batch produced using GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) processes.

We validate every single step in the manufacturing process:

  • Raw material selection and analysis
  • Multiple analytical and process testing validation
  • Commercial batch validation
  • Final product shelf-life stability testing

…all to make sure that what you get is what you expect: a pure, unadulterated, safe dietary supplement to support your body’s needs.

Pure and worry-free products

At last, you can buy with confidence and rest assured that our products contain the purest, highest grade ingredients available. And, to further decrease your stress* in this stressful world, we strive to ensure extreme V’s products does not use unnecessary fillers and ingredients.

Where possible, we only use natural ingredients your body can utilize to its fullest benefit.*

Fibrosidus™ Benefits

Fibrosidus™…Peace within.

You understand the importance of SAMe’s vitality for your health, and non-compliance is an ongoing problem for many of us.

Generally, three factors cause non-compliance:

  • Product cost versus quality
  • Hard-to-swallow tablets
  • Allergenic ingredients

Fibrosidus™ is made from Pharmaceutical Grade USP standard raw materials and is manufactured in facilities that meet or exceed all current Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) requirements. Fibrosidus™has been formulated with natural plant based enteric coating to help reduce allergic reactions, stomach and gastrointestinal irritation and upset.

Fibrosidus™ S-Adenosylmethionine (SAMe) is a naturally occurring compound that is found in almost every tissue and fluid in the body. It is involved in many important processes. Fibrosidus™ is a SAMe supplement you can recommend with confidence, and trust in its purity. It’s available at a price you can afford.

At extreme V, We’ve recognized and answered your needs:

  • Purity you can trust
  • No fear of allergens or wasteful fillers.
  • Two dosage forms: 400 mg, (oval shape tablet) and 200 mg (round shape tablet)
  • Rigorous production batch validations, stability and dissolution testing, and product analysis regimens are based on pharmaceutical-level Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and conducted in third-party Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) facilities to assure the highest, purest quality.
  •  Available over the counter as a dietary supplement. Fibrosidus™ delivers high value at an affordable cost.
  • Available worldwide.

Manufacturing Facility

Fibrosidus™ Manufacturing Facility

  • Fibrosidus™ is manufactured under Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).
  • Production batch validation, stability and dissolution testing, and product analysis regimens are based on pharmaceutical-level Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to assure the highest, purest quality.
  • Final Formulated products are validated in third-party Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) facilities.
  • Manufacturing facility has been audited by 3rd party auditor and various global Regulatory organizations.