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Fibrosidus™ SAMe’s active ingredient is (S-Adendosylmethionine Butanedisulfonate). This compound is made primarily in the liver as a byproduct of the metabolism of the amino acid methionine. Fibrosidus™ SAMe active ingredient has been approved in Europe for decades for liver health, joints, mood, brain and to support proper inflammatory response.  SAMe is a naturally occurring molecule found in all living cells. This remarkable natural molecule works quickly; most feel and notice a difference within two to three weeks- clear, distinct and often life changing benefits. People feel more youthful both emotionally and physically as Fibrosidus™ improves mood and detoxifies the body.

Fibrosidus™ is packaged in individual tamper proof foil blister-packed to maximize stability and safety.  DO NOT use if outer seal of blister pack is broken.

  • Full Potency 400 mg Fibrosidus™ SAMe (net yield) is derived from 800 mg of SAMe (S-Adendosylmethionine Butanedisulfonate).

2015 Fibrosidus™ plant based GRAS enteric coating is launched in North America.

  • Fibrosidus™ is the only SAMe with a Natural Plant based coating.
  • No chemicals, No plastic material – only pure Pharmaceutical Grade SAMe  and  Gentle Plant derived materials.
  • Supports healthy liver function, joint mobility and mood.
  • Fibrosidus™ SAMe is made via Fermentation, like wine.
  • Pharmaceutical Purity.
  • Individually Blister-Packed.
  • SAMe has been the subject of hundreds of Clinical Studies.
  • Five years of research and millions of dollars in development.

Each tablet is individually packed to insure product integrity and freshness.

Fibrosidus™ is biologically active product, low temperature processed and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient:

  • No Artificial Flavors
  • No Preservatives
  • No Yeast or Gluten
  • No Artificial Colors or Dyes
  • No Yellow #5
  • No Insect Extracts
  • No Plastic co-polymer chemicals