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Product Brokers, Wholesalers and Retailers

Continue to Diversify with HIGH Quality Products

As a product broker, wholesaler or retail professional, you need to be sure the products you sell / provide are safe and effective while being profitable for your business.

At extreme V, Inc we understand your care and concern. This is why extreme V is dedicated to bridging the gap between the pharmaceutical world and the nutraceutical world with rigorous testing and strict product quality standards. You can trust the ingredients we choose to formulate our products. Our products are sourced and manufactured with the highest possible quality, so you can feel comfortable in the knowledge you are marketing outstanding products to your customers.

We are totally committed to providing you with:

  • The best products possible at a fair price
  • The highest grade manufactured product with 3rd party testing
  • GMP quality standards to meet FDA requirements
  • Unique, effective and high quality health products
  • Products that are formulated with minimum fillers and excipients
  • Exceptional customer service
  • An incredible marketing opportunity for your company
  • Continued investment in research & development of new and innovative products for continued business growth and profitability
  • A trustworthy USA brand name

extreme V™ Broker, Wholesaler, and Retailer Programs

Product Broker

We have spent the time, research, investment and effort creating some of the highest quality, effective and natural health products in the marketplace. extreme V will do all the follow up and order fulfillment with the customer. All you will need to do is set up the relationship, and you will receive a percentage of all sales your customer makes as long as they are buying from us.

International Wholesaling/US & Canada

Whether you are a very large company with vast distribution in your homeland seeking exclusivity for your country, or a smaller distributor that wants to sell unique products and increase revenues, we would like to partner with you. extreme V offers both exclusive and non-exclusive license arrangements.

Retail Sales

extreme V offers high quality products and health solutions that few of your competitors are offering. We have identified product gaps for you that addresses the under served sectors in the marketplace.

If you are a Broker, Wholesaler or Retailer interested in representing our products, we want to hear from you. Email us for more information info@azendus.com.